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About Chendamangalam

Chendamangalam is an amazing little town that consists of hillocks, three rivers, green pastures and seven inlets. The town is situated in the Paravur taluk of Ernakulam district, Kerala. Tourists travelling to Cochin also visit Chendamangalam to have a glimpse of the breathtaking Palace of Paliam. It was the official home of Paliath Achans and they were the prime ministers of the former Maharajahs of Kochi which was the meeting place of cultural diversity. The palace is the symbol of sheer architectural splendor.

The Paliath Palace dates back to 450 years but still holds a wide array of historical documents as well as relics. Whoever visits Chendamangalam will also visit Kottayil Kovilakom, the hillock and the uniqueness of the place is that it is the common place for temple, mosque, church and also has the remnant of Jewish synagogue and all these complex system of beliefs are situated within a kilometer. In AD 1614, the synagogue of Jewish was constructed and the precinct at the back of the synagogue has former Jewish graves which include the grave of Jewish lady as well and it dates back to 1264 AD. After Jerusalem was destroyed, the Jews migrated to Chendamangalam in 69 AD and had found a dominion here. Following the major flood in 1341 AD, they settled down in Fort Kochi. The remnants of existence of Jewish could be found on all the sides of Chendamangalam even today from the synagogue which consists of traditional features of Jewish architecture. Vypeenakotta Seminary for Syrians was constructed by the Portuguese in 16th century and the tourists will find the remains of the same even today. Next to seminary is the Church of Syrian Catholic that was established in 1201.

Sree Venugopala Krishna Swami Dewasthan, the popular Hindu temple, was built here in 1900 AD. Previously, the temple was called as Jayantha Mangalam. Venugopalakrishna Swami is the main deity. During the month of Vaisakh, an annual festival is celebrated for six days. This temple is the major attraction for both tourists as well as locals.

Chendamangalam in Kerala

A Brief History of Chendamangalam

In ancient times, Chendamangalam came under the Kanayanur taluk which in turn was part of the state of Cochin which was a meeting place of cultural diversity. In 1914, the Panchayat of Chendamangalam was formed. Rivers border the town on North, South and East. Here, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in harmony. Presence of several immigrants communities till date reminds past industrial as well as business importance. In 60s Jewish community went back to Israel. Currently, the archaeology department takes care of their synagogue here.

The Church of Mar Sleeva was constructed in 1075. During the invasion of Tipu Sultan to Kerala, the church’s old block is supposed to be constructed with special fortified construction.

As a result of Paliyam Satyagraha, declaration of entry into the temple came into existence in the state of Cochin. Every year the annual fair (Mattuchanda or Barter market) is conducted on day before the festival of Vishu which reminds the past history of people coming from far and near buying whatever needed for their home in exchange of their agricultural or handicrafts though today all the transactions are made in cash.

Cochin’s Prime Ministers, the Paliath Achans lived in Chendamangalam during 1663 to 1809.

Geography of Chendamangalam

Chendamangalam is located at 10.1797oN 76.2097oE.

Climate of Chendamangalam

Chendamangalam also comes with a tropical climate like other towns and cities of Kerala. It gets rainfall most of the months and comes with short dry season.

Tourism in Chendamangalam

Apart from the Paliath Palace, the town also comes with many temples, churches and mosques which attract pilgrims as well as tourists from far and near. Some of the temples in Chendamangalam town are Paliam Dewaswom, Kunnathu Tali temple and Arankavu temple and churches like Church of Mar Sleeva at Kottayil Kovilakkam, St Sebastian’s at Gothuruth, Little Flower Church at Kuttukad and Chendamangalam is also famous for Juma Masjid.

Business and Economy in Chendamangalam

Copra is manufactured and exported from Chendamangalam which is also well known for handloom weaving and coir making. It is to be noted that Chendamangalam is important handloom centre in Kerala. Double dhoti, Mundu and Neruyathu are quite famous. The distinction of these fabrics is in its plain structure through which they produce special effect in weft direction.

How to Reach Chendamangalam

The nearest railway station is Aluva which is located 20 Kms away from Chendamangalam and Ernakulam railway station is 42 Kms away from Chendamangalam. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is 20 Km from Ernakulam towards the north. KSRTC buses ply between Aluva to N Paravoor and from Paravoor frequent buses are available to reach Chendamangalam.

Quick Facts about Chavakkad

Government – Panchayat
Taluk – Paravur
District - Ernakulam
Area – 10.83 Sq Km
Population as per the 2001 census- 28,133
Time zone - IST
Postal Index Number – 683 512
STD Code - 0484
Official Languages – Malayalam, English

Utilities in Chendamangalam

Chendamangalam is a panchayat town located in Paravoor taluk of Ernakulam district. Let’s see here some of the public utility services that are available in the Chendamangalam town.

Panchayat Office

The address of Chendamangalam Panchayat office is

Chendamangalam Panchayat Office
Paliyam Road, Bharanimukku, Chendamangalam, Kerala 683 521
Tel: 0484-2518568

Electricity Services

As we are aware, the Kerala State Electricity Board takes care of the electricity supply of the Chendamangalam. The official website of the electricity board is www.kseb.in and the address of the electricity board office in Chendamangalam is

Kerala State Electricity Board: 11 Main Road, Chendamangalam, Ernakulam 683 512
Tel: 0484-2518446

Water Services

Water supply in Chendamangalam is regulated by Kerala Water Authority and Chendamangalam comes under the Ernakulam office and the address is

Kerala Water Authority
Public Health Circle, Ernakulam HO, Ernakulam 682 011
Tel: 0484-2360645
Website: www.kwa.kerala.gov.in

Banking Services

Though a small panchayat town it comes with several public as well as private banks and let’s see here some of the banks in Chendamangalam.

South Indian Bank Ltd
Door No 237 A, Chendamangalam Nair Samajam Building
Paliam Nada
Ernakulam 683 512
Tel: 0484-2518641
Website: www.southindianbank.com

The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd
6/462 Gothuruthu Junction
Ernakulam 683 512
Tel: 0484-6451605

Chendamangalam Cooperative Bank
11/276 Dasaprabhu Road
Near Sree Venugopala Swamy Temple
Ernakulam 683 512
Tel: 0484-2519326

Chendamangalam Service Cooperative Bank Ltd
10/262 Karimpadam
Near DDS High School
Ernakulam 683 512
Tel: 0484-2518342

Fire Services in Chendamangalam

As Chendamangalam comes under Ernakulam District, the Ernakulam Fire station takes care of all fire services needs of the town. The address of Ernakulam fire station is

Fire Station
Gandhi Nagar
Ernakulam HO
Ernakulam 681 011
Tel: 0484-2205550

Postal and Courier Services

The address of Chendamangalam post office is:

Chendamangalam Post Office,
Ernakulam 683 512
Tel: 0484-2518321
Website: www.indiapost.gov.in

Some private courier services are also available in Chendamangalam.

The Professional Couriers
Ezhava Samajam Shopping Complex
Chendamangalam Junction
North Paravur
Tel: 0484-2447628, 2625653

Tourism in Chendamangalam

Chendamangalam is also renowned for tourists’ attractions such as Paliam Palace and temples which attract the tourists throughout the year. Let’s find more about them.

Paliam Palace

The Paliam Palace was the residence of Paliath Achans who were the prime ministers to the former maharajas of the State of Kochi. During the 16th century, the Raja’s security was under threat by the Portuguese, the then Paliath Achan escorted the Raja to Chendamangalam and was made to stay incognito in the palace near the Kalari. Hence, it is called as Paliam Kovilakom (Palace). In appreciation of the services, the Dutch renovated this building in Chendamangalam and presented it to him. Hence, it is also called as the Dutch Palace.

The palace is a two-storeyed building (G+2) and is a highly efficient functional building of its times. Though it comes with minimum ornamentation yet it reflects the Dutch influence in the architecture. The building comes with elaborately carved wooden staircases, balustrades and thick walls that come with splayed openings. The building also comes with a circulated space which runs along the  private area of the building and facilitates the movement of air which results in insulating the interior and making it cooler compared to the peripheral. During ancient times, women were not allowed to stay there and only elder members of the family stayed there. There is a prasanga peedum which lies on top of the entrance passage of the Palace and the Paliath Achans used it for addressing the people. 

This palace attracts experience seekers, history bugs and photo fanatics today who throng the palace to marvel at the magnificent architecture and also to check out the hidden relics within the palace walls.

How to Reach Paliam Palace

Paliam Palace is well connected by road to all nearby foremost places. KSRTC and local agencies ply buses within the state as well as from neighbouring states. The nearest railway station is the Ernakulam Railway Station and from there the tourists can travel by bus or hire a taxi. The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport. 

Sree Venugopala Krishna Swamy Temple, Chendamangalam

Sree Venugopala Krishna Swamy Dewasthan is the Hindu temple situated in Chendamangalam in Kerala. This temple came into existence in 1900 at Chendamangalam which was then called Jayantha Mangalam. Venugopalakrishna Swamy is the main deity of the temple. The idol is in the form of Shila Vigrah. Apart from the main idol, the temple has the Lord’s Utsav idol and also idols of Hanuman and Garuda at the feet. During the month of Vaisakh, annual festival which spans into six days is celebrated at the temple.

This temple was built by Saraswat Gaud Brahmins who settled down in Cochin and spread to the neighbouring villages and suburbs. Some of them settled in Chendamangalam. In Chendamangalam, there was no temple and the Gaud Saraswat Brahmins had to go by foot to the temple in North Parur. So, they initiated necessary efforts to construct a temple under the guidance of Chennoth Parambil Sri Dasa Prabhu. They also approached for the help of Valiyachan of Paliyam, who is also Paliyam Swaroopam who donated land for the construction of the temple. The donations received liberally from the local mahajans helped in the construction of the temple and the Prathishta was made on 30th April 1900. Chennoth Parambil Ramachandra Prabhu led from the front and, in 1920, twelve of the community members established Chitty and they bought the necessary land from the profit made, and the income generated from the land is used in meeting daily expenses of the temple. Chennoth Parambil Sri Dasa Prabhu’s children formed an Endowment Trust in 1956. They donated cash of Rs 65,000/- and land of 10 acres on account of their trust to the temple. This helped in the further constructions like Anapandal,  Agrasala, etc. In 1995, the temple underwent renovation and copper plate was laid to Sri Kovil. At this temple, Srimat Sudheendra Tirtha Swamiji performed his Chaturmasya Vrita in 1973.

How to Reach Sree Venugopala Krishna Swamy Temple

Sree Venugopala Krishna Swamy Temple, Chendamangalam  is well connected by road to all nearby towns and cities. KSRTC buses as well as private bus companies operate several buses to nearby cities as well as other states. The nearest railway station is the Ernakulam Railway Station and from there the tourists can travel by bus or hire a taxi or a cab. The nearest airport to the temple is the Cochin International Airport. 

Sree Krishna Swami Temple Kotayilkovilakam

This temple is situated in Kottayil Kovilakom village in Ernakulam district. This temple is located on the top of a hill. Apart from the temple, a mosque, a church, a Jewish synagogue also situated within 1 Km of circumference. Near the Krishna temple, the Tipu Sultan cave is also situated and on both the sides,  Arab cemetery is also situated. This temple is built some 400 years ago. 

How to reach Sree Krishna Swami Temple Kotayilkovilakam

The temple is located on top of a hill and is connected by road to other parts of the town and other cities. The pilgrims can travel by taxi or cab to the temple. The nearest railway station is Ernakulam railway station and the nearest airport is Cochin International Airport and the pilgrims can travel by bus or hire taxi to reach the temple.

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